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VS1SP Inverter

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The VS1SP AC Drive uses a traditional inverter V/Hz control method. Its easy setup, quick startup, and right-out-of-the-box operation make it among the most popular variable speed motor controls. It is ideal for applications where multiple motors are operated simultaneously from one motor control, including pumps, fans, and general machinery applications.

For single motor operation, the VS1SP drive is also encoderless, which allows better speed and current control for high-performance, open-loop applications. Available in horsepowers from 3/4 to 125 HP and voltage ranges from 180-660 volts, these drives incorporate a variety of features and design innovations that ensure dependable performance.

Additionally, it provides the same interface as the Baldor V*S Drives sensorless vector products so that commonality is maintained within your facility for both closed loop and open loop applications.

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Item #


Output Current Continuous

Output Current Peak


Multiplier Symbol

List Price

VS1SP4125-1B 1 156.00 A 195.00 A 110 EC 14,790.00
VS1SP515-4B 4X INDOOR USE ONLY 22.00 A 27.50 A 35 EC 4,243.00
VS1SP515-5B 12/4X INDOOR USE ONLY 22.00 A 27.50 A 35 EC 4,208.00
VS1SP520-4B 4X INDOOR USE ONLY 27.00 A 33.80 A 35 EC 5,038.00
VS1SP520-5B 12/4X INDOOR USE ONLY 27.00 A 33.80 A 35 EC 4,997.00
VS1SP62-4B 4X INDOOR USE ONLY 9.60 A 12.00 A 20 EC 1,387.00
VS1SP63-5B 12/4X INDOOR USE ONLY 9.60 A 12.00 A 20 EC 1,602.00
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1